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Kentro Centre Table - DD Alder -20%
Create a simple and classy look in your living room with this unique centre table made from engine..
₦16,500.00 ₦13,200.00

When we you think of storage do you imagine something petite, sturdy, with a good storage capacity..

Tommy Dining Table - Zebrano -7%
Enjoy delicious meals with our 4- seater dining table perfect for a standard family or a day with fr..
₦27,000.00 ₦25,000.00

Key featuresIt makes organizing files, magazines and papers easy.The included tag make sorting/ look..

SOLID BLACK Leather Sofa New
7-Sitter SofaColor: BlackHigh end Leather..

ICHIE, The Chief Sofa New
Choosing the right SOFA for your living room is easy. We have designs that are both durable and affo..

7-seat Brown Frati Sofa New
7-Seat SofaBrownHigh-end Fabric..

The Wembley Cream Sofa New
Okada Maxi -Cherry -16%
When you think of organising, do you think luxury or necessity? You have this empty space just sta..
₦23,500.00 ₦19,800.00

Stylish and beautiful, simple and chic. Combine this with a Dresser for comfort while styling/ Make..

ASPRO Center Table -27%
Create a simple and classy look in your living room with this unique center table made from engine..
₦110,235.00 ₦80,222.00

Black Decorative Mirror -12%
Key features It gives clear and sharp reflection.The decorative design makes it perfect for corridor..
₦30,000.00 ₦26,500.00

Iris Wardrobe- Atlantis -7%
Finding items and dressing up can be frustrating especially when you have no clue where to look. I..
₦57,500.00 ₦53,500.00

Klien Side Stool - Zebrano -26%
Our side stool was designed with simplicity in mind. It is Cute and simple, classy and unique. The..
₦9,500.00 ₦7,000.00

The sitting room is the center of thought for any home. Having the right furniture to fit your w..

MAMBELLA Kiraz TV Stand -19%
Simple modern TV stand with a glass shelve and 2 drawers for you CDs, Magazines and Photo AlbumColou..
₦85,510.00 ₦69,300.00