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About Frati

Welcome to Frati

About Frati

We are Nigerian owned mass-market furniture retailers. We are the first producers and retailer of made in Nigeria flat pack furniture. Our products are designed and engineered to offer the best value for money without compromising style and functionality, from the individual part sizes to configurations, colour, and overall look and feel.

All our products are flat pack and are designed to be easily assembled by customers using simple tools and our assembly instruction which are illustrative and very easy to understand. Our goal is to provide flat pack furniture with a DIY (DO – IT – YOURSELF) principle.

Affordable quality is what we strive to provide. To everyone who has always wanted quality furniture in their homes and couldn’t afford it, look no further, Frati is here for you!

Since our showroom opened up in the fourth quarter of 2013, we have stuck to our motto by pricing our quality at the most competitive prices available.


The Frati Idea

Making quality furniture has always been our pedigree. Affordable quality however has always been the challenge. All this changed when our Managing Director discovered the cost efficiency of Do-it-Yourself.

By removing the installation from the manufacturing process, Products could leave the factory, directly to the consumer at much lower costs! At this point, Frati was born!

Frati is 100% Nigeria owned and started operations in FCT. Inspired by the Ikea spirit and the idea of not having to pay for what you can do you yourself, MR ODUNAYO EMASEALU established the Frati brand in 2013, manufacturing quality flat-pack furniture.

Why Shop at Frati

With Frati you are sure to get an excellent customer experience, affordable prices and easy access. By visiting any of our showrooms or buying from the website, you are sure to get an experience you would always remember.

  • Quality

Low prices are no use if the things you buy don’t last.

FRATI has understood this since the very first production in 2013. At Frati, we follow a strict and global quality control procedure which has led to our consistency in delivering quality furniture.

To keep our business on the cutting edge, we constantly ask ourselves “how can we make our products better” and we are able to increase our standards and improve quality progressively.


Our furniture is made from 100% European MFC and is manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. Frati only uses full density MFC to ensure maximum screw holding ability.


The Frati design comprises of functionality, appearance, durability and affordability. Every Frati product is designed to save cost for our customers; we design multi-purpose and multi-functional products that are very attractive, classy and durable. Each item is designed to make maximum use of materials in order to reduce wastage and lower the cost.

We keep a close watch on global trends, ensuring that our designs are up to date. Our wide range of choices means there is something to compliment or make a statement in your home.


Our Manufacturer




All Frati Products are manufactured in Nigeria by Interior Woodwork Limited, the best ultra-modern furniture manufacturers in Nigeria. Interior woodwork has been in business for over 15 years and has been consistent in quality. Interior Woodwork employs ultra-modern facilities and highly trained personnel to deliver excellent products.

The Frati Vision

To be the largest retailers of flat pack furniture in Africa providing modern furniture and furnishing accessories to the everyday people.