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Our Flat Pack Furniture

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A Swedish furniture designer named Gillis Lundgren is credited with the invention of flat pack furniture. According to his employer - Swedish furniture giant IKEA-Lundgren was bringing home a table one day and decided to take the legs of the table off so that it would fit in his car, to reattach them at home. He realized that it could potentially be convenient to sell furniture in a flat packed form, so he brought the idea to his employers, who ran with it, producing the earliest flat packed furniture in the 1950s.


Flat pack furniture is fabricated in flat parts and designed to be quickly and easily assembled. The primary advantage to this is that, because it is packed flat, it is extremely space efficient, saving significant amounts of money for the manufacturer by reducing shipping and storage costs. Due to these many factors, selling Flat Pack furniture is a more cost-effective method of conducting business. Consumers in turn benefit from this because the company can pass the savings down with less expensive prices. The fact that Flat Pack furniture are designed to be taken apart makes it easy to dismantle and reassemble.


Other benefits customers enjoy from buying flat pack furniture are the fact that these pieces of furniture reduce storage space and reassembling provides fun and a sense of accomplishment.


Flat pack furniture is typically packaged in a kit form with the pieces packaged in one or multiple boxes. The kit may contain a number of flat parts, fasteners, fixings, and other parts that are needed to assemble the furniture. Designers of Flat Pack furniture typically create furnishings that are very easy to mass produce. Most companies also pre-drill holes and do other prerequisites so that consumers can fit the pieces of the furniture together with minimal work. The furniture is packaged with all of the hardware and tools necessary to assemble it, along with assembly directions.


The quality of Flat Pack furniture can vary widely. Some companies use high quality materials, creating furniture which is preceding in its durability, attractiveness and ease of use.


Frati Limited- owners of Frati Shop – is a number one retailer of flat pack furniture in Nigeria, manufactured by Interior Woodwork Limited.


Our flat pack furniture are exquisite in designs and really affordable by all standard.

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