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Home Front - House Smells...

Posted by Admin 23/04/2018 0 Comment(s) Frati Idea,

Most times I feel like walking right back out of my house after just walking in. The smell of stale air and maybe the bin I forgot to dispose in the morning greets me as I walk in. It is usually not a pleasant smell as I see myself shaking my head and saying 'OMG, I don't like the smell of this house'. I'm sure I am not alone because I have visited a few places and was greeted by not so pleasant smells and I've also visited other places and linger longer than necessary cos of the nice smell. 

I know that using room fresheners and sprays go a long way to diffuse the smell but they are mostly very temporal as the scents last for a very short time. 

I'm seeking suggestions and opinions on what tips and tricks have worked for you. 

Buzz me in the comments and let us help each other have nice smelling homes.

Fratishop: A beautiful home is not far fetched.

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