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Kelly Shelf

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Perform your own tricks….

Imagine the corners of your space having their own stories to tell, giving you details at every turn and adding life to every bend in each room. Every space is made of corners-cute little hidden corners or very wide exposed ones. Tired of hanging just about anything so as to create a distraction? I bet you are! 

The Kelly shelf from Frati was made with corners in mind. It is a corner shelf that fits into varying degrees of 


    corners. Hang it on the wall to display accessories or place it on the floor to keep daily needs. It works well in every room. 

    • Place 4 together to form a coffee table with open storage for magazines or use same with chairs for kids as a mini dining table or homework/ recreational area with quick access to toys and play tools. 
    • Have a family dinner coming up, book club meeting or guys /girls night in? You’ll need easy and quick access to plates and cutleries without leaving the table so you don’t miss out on any fun. Stack 2 or more Kelly shelves to create a sideboard for plates, cups and cutleries. 
    • You know how you dislike seeing your tall books bent over because you shelved them on shelves that are not high enough to accommodate them? Well, place the corner shelf on its side and you have an open top book shelf that you can use for tall books. The side and back panel offer support to the books causing them to remain straight, keeping them in good shape. 
    • Make the corners of your walk in closet and wardrobes setting come alive. Place 3- 4 Kelly shelves on one another and get a ceiling high storage unit. Repeat same idea at every corner in your dressing room and give it a fresh look.
    • Use it in the Kitchen as a spice rack, in the toilet as a toiletries stand, in the living room as a side stool and in the bedroom as a night stand. Multipurpose simplified.




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