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Living Room Setting

Posted by Admin 11/07/2015 0 Comment(s) Buying Guide,

My love my space my life….

What’s fun about coming home to a TV on the floor or watching a lovely show while your environment is the direct opposite or kids running around and bumping into precious items and completely turning the living room upside down?  After a busy hectic day, you deserve a space that agrees to your need of relaxation, appeals to your eyes and your sense of style. The Frati living room furniture captures all that and much more.

The TV console stands at a height of 350mm, width of 1350mm and a depth of 400mm, it has an open back that neatly hides away cables and completely erase accidents due to exposed cables. It has two enclosed cabinets that can keep safe your favorites (CDs, games consoles and magazines). The open shelf allows you keep your decoder, antiques and home theater.

The blessing behind placing the Okada shelves beside the TV Stand is you create an instant room partition/ storage space. Keep books, CDs, Photos, memorabilia’s, antiques, art works, flower vases, and other items for easy reach and display. With items neatly stored away, your kids now have more play room with less domestic accidents. This is safety redefined. 




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